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KONG Wildknots Bears (S/M)

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    If you're looking for durable and soft dog toys, KONG Wild Knots Bears (S/M) are a great option. The plush bears have an internal braided rope skeleton that appeals to dogs' natural instincts. The reinforced plush body provides extra durability and minimizes mess as it contains less padding. In addition, the squeaky sounds the toy makes make it even more attractive for dogs to play with.

    KONG Wild Knots Bears are available in different colors, namely brown, gray and light brown, so you can choose the color that best suits your dog. The toy is suitable for small to medium sized dogs.

    In summary, the main features of KONG Wild Knots Bears are:

    • Internal braided rope skeleton to appeal to dogs' natural instincts
    • Minimal padding to minimize mess
    • Reinforced plush body for extra durability
    • Squeaky sounds to encourage dogs to play
    • Available in brown, gray and light brown
    • Suitable for small to medium sized dogs

    If you're looking for a durable and soft dog toy that will keep your dog entertained, consider purchasing KONG Wild Knots Bears (S/M). It will certainly be a guaranteed hit among dogs and their owners.

    Small/medium - 17.78 cm

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    KONG Wildknots Bears (S/M)

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