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Zak Dubbel met Soft Padding

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  • Sandbags pair, for fixation of tunnels
  • Red, connection belt in grey made of anti-slip material
  • Divided in two parts, connection with velcro, the handle protudes inwards, towards the tunnel
  • Two PE-bags to be filled with grit
  • Extra compartment to insert the soft padding, incl. soft padding of waterproof foam
  • The sandbags should be filled with fine grit or round gravel. Each side with ca. 25 kg.

They can be used for:

  • flexible tunnels (at least 1 pair for 1,5 m length of tunnel)
  • canvas to flat tunnel

Total weight: abt. 1,25 kg

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Zak Dubbel met Soft Padding

€79,90 EUR

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