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Jump Basic

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    with safety bar holders.

    With its solid side parts and a weight of 5 kg the Jump-99 is stable and windproof. The construction is made of aluminium, the side parts are made of aluminium-composite panels 6 mm, with edge protection profiles in aluminium. The composite panels are white and can be printed on demand.

    Jumping heights from 15 to 60 cm, adjustable in 5 cm-steps. For easy adjustment a scale is affixed, on back side further marks for standard heights 30, 40 and 60 cm. There can be installed as many bar holders as you want.

    The edges of the aluminium profiles are rounded. Therefore the risk of injury for dog and person is minimized.

    The 2-coloured jumping bar has a diameter of 32 mm. It is made of non-breaking plastic with a core of plastic. The core prevents bending when exposed to heat.

    Jump-99 Basic (FCI 2023

    1 Set consisting of:

    • 2 stands with side parts
    • 2 safety bar holders with diameter 32 mm
    • 1 jumping bar, 2-coloured. Diameter 32 mm plastic with core of plastic

    Total weight: 5 kg

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      Jump Basic

      €139,00 EUR

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