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Brug - Kattenloop

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    The Smart-99 dog walk consists of 3 elements and 2 legs.

    Because of the simple connections the dog walk can be assembled within a few minutes and can be handled by a single person. The horizontal centre section stands independently from the slopes; the height of the runway can be adjusted by changing the setting angle of the legs (standard heights 130, 117 and 90 cm, also possible: 121, 108 and 81 cm).

    Main focus: Every Agility enthusiast will immediately recognise, how SILENTLY the dogs run across this equipment!

    The special shock absorbence of Sm@rt-99®-running surfaces is due to the floating mounting.

    The running surfaces are not fixed to the stiff aluminium-frame, but mounted on a flexible "rubber pad".

    The method, which was inspired by the aviation industry, guarantees optimal damping without the bouncing of the contact zone-equipment, which is harmful to joints.

    Your dog will associate this equipment with a positive experience. This positive attitude will allow him to practice the difficult contact zones in a playful way and have fun!!

    100 % aluminium-construction!

    To meet the ever-growing needs and expectations of our customers, product development is a key priority for Smart-99!

    Our contact zone-equipment is now completely made of aluminium.

    The Sm@rt-99 advantage:

    • Antislip coating, even in the rain
    • Extremely gentle to the paws
    • No joint-damaging bouncing
    • Weight-saving
    • Easy handling - comfortable carrying with a straight back because of barrow-bars
    • High weather-resistance
    • Stable thanks to maximal standing width

    With its new generation of Contact Zone Equipment, Smart-99 is well ahead of the field.

    The raceway coating

    The raceway coating by Smart-99 is made of cast, imbued ''rubber'' – the frames are integrated in a cast – thus Integr@l-99!

    The rubber frames are extremely gentle to joints and paws. Fracture is excluded, which makes corresponding injuries impossible and also removes the need for maintenance.

    The Integr@l-99 raceway coating is an internationally protected design by Smart-99. The finest and most gentle thing, our dog paws have ever felt on contact zones!

    Ideal for training and competition! The dogs dash over it as with velvet paws, so it is a real joy!

    Dog walk for Agility according to FCI 2023

    1 set consisting of:

    • 2 aluminium feet, adjustable in height
    • 3 aluminium frames, Integr@l-99 coating

    Total weight approx. 62 kg

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    Brug - Kattenloop

    €1.998,00 EUR

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